Friday, September 15, 2017

90 Second Leadership – Vision, Huddle, Skills - Leadership

Churches don’t drift toward simplicity. Churches drift toward complexity, and this is certainly the case in meeting schedules. I am going to give you a healthy framework, that, when applied, will greatly reduce your meeting complexity both for you and your volunteers.

You may recognize “vision, huddle, skills” or “VHS” as originally developed by Carl George. This meeting schedule is an adaption of George’s content. I’m going to discuss three meeting types.

A vision meeting focuses on vision and values. That is where you want to celebrate what you want to embed in the culture of your church. This meeting occurs with all of your leaders annually.

A skills based meetings focuses on specific role-based competencies that you need in a specific ministry area, such as a small group leader. This meeting occurs monthly or quarterly to focus on these skills.

Lastly, you have the huddle meeting. Huddles focus on coaching and personal development and is typically a gathering of no more than three people. These meetings should occur at least monthly to ensure you are taking people to their next level of leadership.

If your church can apply this framework across all ministries, it will reduce complex meetings for both you and your volunteers and leaders. Now that you have this framework, what are you going to do about it?

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