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90 Second Leadership – Pipeline Transitions - Leadership

90 Second Leadership – Pipeline Transitions

Most of the time when people see a leadership pipeline, they think horizontal. I want you to understand success in a leadership pipeline is not progression all the way up the pipeline. Success is a person becoming who God has created them to be and multiplying themselves in that position.

So when we bring people into our church and help them to volunteer, we want them to lead themselves well. Hopefully, eventually, these people will become leaders. But that is not necessarily the goal. The goal is for them to multiply themselves.

When a person comes into a volunteer role, the first thing we want them to be is a learner. They need to learn the role. As they gain proficiency in the role and what we’re asking them to do, they become a leader. That’s the next step, but that’s not the only step. Just becoming proficient and having mastery of what we’re asking them to do is not enough.

According to Scripture, we are supposed to develop other people. That’s not just the pastor’s job. Development is everyone’s job. When we begin to see people multiplying themselves in that position, we know that they are ready for leadership. That gives us the opportunity to bring them up. They have already gone through the stages of learning, leading, and multiplying.

Think about all of your volunteers. Are they learners, leaders, or multipliers? When they become multipliers, strongly consider bringing them to the next level in your leadership pipeline.

With this framework and philosophy, what are you going to do about it?

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