Monday, September 4, 2017

7.9 Bug: Can't specify non-Biblical milestones with some resources, in Concordance tool

To reproduce:

  1. Open up the Concordance tool, and generate a concordance for a resource that has page numbers, but doesn't have Bible milestones. One example "Love Divine and Unfailing: The Gospel according to Hosea".
  2. Click on All Passages and limit the concordance to a certain page range (e.g. Pages 1-59). So far, all should be well.
  3. Now switch to a resource that as both Bible milestones and page numbers. One example would be the NICOT commentary on Hosea (or most other commentaries for that matter).
  4. Attempt to repeat step 2, above.


  • Pages 1-59 is highlighted in red, as if it is invalid, and the Concordance is not updated.

Expected result:

  • That pages could be specified in all resources with page numbers.

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