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5LQ 198: Leadership Pipeline – The Structures - Leadership

This week we are going back to the foundation of everything we do at LifeWay Leadership, and that is Leadership Pipeline, a concept and framework for churches to develop leaders at every level of ministry. Over the course of the week, we will be re-releasing a podcast each day from our previously recorded Pipeline Week. You can also go and download the free e-booklet called Developing Your Leadership Pipeline which can be downloaded here ( In this episode Todd Adkins, Eric Geiger, and Barnabas Piper introduce and explain the systems of a leadership pipeline and ask the following questions.

  • What are the structures in a Leadership Pipeline?
  • Why are they so important?
  • Where should organizations start when deciding on their structure?
  • How do you align structure in a complex organization?
  • When and How do you restructure an organization?


“Structures are the kinds of things that don’t get anybody excited, but if you don’t have them everything falls apart.”

“The four levels are volunteer, team leader, ministry director, and senior leader.”

“The progression is lead yourself, lead others, lead leaders, lead a ministry, lead the church.”

“The beautiful thing about a pipeline is that it’s simple to say ‘this is how development happens around here.”’

“We’re called not just to be disciples, but to make disciples. Systems and structures are how we can do that.”

“Structures provide guard rails.”

“Structures help embed culture.”

“If you don’t have a structure it’s a choose-your-own-adventure in training.”

“You know you have a good pipeline when a vacancy comes up and you think about people who are already serving.”

“A big part of pipeline is leading people in advance for those new roles.”

“This is simply creating a system so that the organic, Spirit-led, Bible-driven kinds of things can happen in a healthy way.”

“When you think about ‘organic’ remember that nature is full of systems.”

“Identify the layers of leadership you already have.”

“What competencies should be in each layer?”

“If you want to keep up with leadership development you need to get ahead of it.”

“Leadership development and leadership placement are two very different things.”


Pipeline Conference 2017

Developing Your Leadership Pipeline by Todd Adkins

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