Monday, September 4, 2017

5LQ 196: Intro to Leadership Pipeline - Leadership

This week we are going back to the foundation of everything we do at LifeWay Leadership, and that is Leadership Pipeline, a concept and framework for churches to develop leaders at every level of ministry. Over the course of the week, we will be re-releasing a podcast each day from our previously recorded Pipeline Week. You can also go and download the free e-booklet called Developing Your Leadership Pipeline which can be downloaded here ( In this episode Todd Adkins, Eric Geiger, and Barnabas Piper introduce the basics and foundations of pipeline and ask the following questions.

  • What is a Leadership Pipeline?
  • Why are they so important?
  • What are some good examples that you’ve seen of effective leadership pipelines?
  • Why don’t more churches and organizations have leadership pipelines?
  • Where should organizations start when creating a pipeline?


“It’s important to go back to the original leadership sources.”

“It’s complex, but not complicated.”

“It’s complex because we’re dealing with people.”

“If you don’t have it mapped out you don’t develop leaders at all.”

“A leadership pipeline is a simple tool that shows an organization develops its own leaders.”

“A change in role requires some new competencies.”

“Very few people have the discipline to live in this.”

“Sometimes a blank sheet of paper is debilitating.”

“The role of a pastor is to equip. You have one job – to equip the people for the work of the ministry.”

“Healthier organizations are those that are equipping people to advance.”

“It’s important to have a map for people, not just a menu.”

“Not everyone is expected to advance to the end of a leadership pipeline.”

“Without a pipeline you’re going to have a hard time scaling leadership and maintaining your culture.”

“You can build leaders or you can buy them.”

“What are the layers of leadership you have and what are the competencies necessary for each level?”

“You organization is only as strong as its people.”

“It’s hard for church leaders to start a pipeline because Sunday is always coming.”


Pipeline Conference 2017

Developing Your Leadership Pipeline by Todd Adkins

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