Wednesday, August 30, 2017

We Love Wednesday

Here are a few things we’re loving this week. 

We love the cheery floral design on this planner. Plus, it is a great format for keeping your dates and to dos!

This Instagram post from Lore on sipping, gulping, or stewing on God’s Word was so encouraging to us. We love how simple she makes it!

As leaders, we’re always hoping to lead women to engage in God’s Word. We love this article from Dr. Rainer to help us lead others in that direction!

Larissa’s new favorite product is body oil. There are lots of brands and types. She’s currently loving this one, but is considering splurging on this one.

Sarah loves kettle corn and just discovered this brand, which is pretty close to what you get homemade at the county fair!

One of our guest blog posters, Bekah Jane Pogue, has a book out called Choosing Real, and through today you can download the Kindle version for FREE! We love free!

Finally, we love this new music:

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