Friday, August 11, 2017

Vintage Timothy George: The 2017 Kistemaker Lectures and the Witness of Four Reformers

Timothy George, Dean of Beeson Divinity School, is well-known for his outstanding writings on the Reformers and his many lectures on the Reformation. This year Reformed Theological Seminary invited George to give the Kistemaker Academic Lecture Series. No surprise here, but the lectures were vintage George! Dr. George decided to lecture on “RETRIEVAL FOR THE SAKE OF RENEWAL: The Witness of Four Reformers.” Below is RTS’s description followed by the lectures.

Description of the Lectures

RTS Orlando celebrates the 500 Anniversary of the Reformation with the 2017 KISTEMAKER ACADEMIC LECTURE SERIES (KALS) with guest speaker Dr. Timothy George. The series entitled Retrieval for the Sake of Renewal: The Witness of Four Reformers helps us explore the biblical roots and historical development of the Protestant Reformation. The KALS consists of 4 lectures on the reforming witness of Erasmus, Luther, Calvin and Tyndale.

Lecture 1 – Erasmus: Philosophia Christi in a Vanishing Golden Age

Lecture 2 – Luther at the Lectern: Reading Romans, Finding Grace

Lecture 3 – Suddenly Calvin: Reformer on the Boundary

Lecture 4 – If God Spare My Life: William Tyndale and the Making of the English Bible

Due to a power outage, we were unable to capture video of the final lecture. The audio for the lecture is available here.


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