Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Usable RCL - What's the Holdup?

If all you know is the date, I invite any Logos employee to find this Sunday's lectionary readings using only the mobile reader app.

I gave up after 10 minutes, & had it in 2 minutes via Google search.

I know this isn't the 1st post on this, but after wasting 10 minutes looking for the lectionary reading, I wasn't inclined to waste another 10 minutes with weak forum search tools finding it. (Yes, I know I could've spent 5 of the 10 minutes finding my notes on how to search this site & then spent only 5 minutes finding the original post.) But if I recall correctly, as the end of 2016 approached, we were assured many times that it'd be here for 2017. As of August, it still isn't. Why does it keep popping up as an issue? People want to use it! I use the weekly reading I'll preach from NEXT Sunday as a devotional reading for the entire week prior. So this is a weekly frustration.

I ask forgiveness for the tone of my note, but I'm REALLY frustrated with Logos right this minute, even though I MUCH appreciate their USUAL responsiveness.

Please, please, please, fix it!

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