Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Through Fire and Forge of Troubled Time

Introduction: The complete published volume represents much of my poetic musings and song lyrics were written over the past thirty-five years. They are intensely personal in two aspects: first, many are deeply colored by my own battles with clinical depression, a battle which has driven me many times to cast myself upon the sheer promise of faith. However, this abandonment has ultimately led me to intense times of insight, intimacy, and joy. – Ed Ross

Bringing many sons to glory. —Hebrews 2:10

Through fire and forge of troubled time,
Creation rent and reason blind,
What God submits the creature’s mind
To fire and forge of troubled time?

His work called good,
He lets it slip Into the grasp of evil’s grip,
Which bears a race that’s only fit
For fire and forge of troubled time.

Yet from that mass a portion tastes
A promise vague of future grace,
They midst the darkness hope embrace
Through fire and forge of troubled time.


The Poetry and Lyrics of E. J. ROSS III
Glory Wrought Copyright © 2015 by Edward J. Ross III. All rights reserved.
Used with permission from the author.
The complete volume is available through Amazon.com



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