Thursday, August 31, 2017

Specific Data Related to Resources.

I am attempting to gain direction on finding specific information about my resources (for a class I am taking). I need to know four things about each commentary that that is specifically dealing with Proverbs...(I have to do about 15 commentaries....) For Example , take the Handbook on Proverbs (UBS), and I need to know four things about it.....the four things are... 1. Classification / Approach (Critical, Exegetical, Expositional, Homiletical, Devotional overview) 2. Theological perspective (Liberal, Conservative, Evangelical, Fundamental) 3. Text and Translation Basis: (Masoretic, LXX, Critical / documentary, etc.) 4. Evaluation and Summary -  I have to give a brief evaluation / Summary of the commentary (Which I guess I will just have to come up with myself). I am finding some of the information in the citation / information sections related to each book. Any help to make this flow a bit smoother would be greatly appreciated....

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