Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Organizing My Library

I'm a Logos novice. I've messed around with it at a superficial level, but now I'm on the move and will be using Logos as my principle library. How to organize?

I have several thousand paper books. I love walking to a section of my library and pulling out the dozen or so books that speak into the topic I'm studying. Is there a way to organize my Logos library in a similar manner? Rather than do an ultra-precise search, often, I like to have more general resources as well, for context purposes. 

How do some of you organize your Logos libraries? Is there a tagging feature? Is there a way to visually organize the library by themes? Like a physical library? For instance, all Greek-related resources together; all Hebrew-related resources together; all counseling resources together; eschatology, bibiliology, pneumatology, philosophy, church history, etc., 

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