Thursday, August 31, 2017

Listen & Learn: Greek Pronunciation Schemes

1. Thanks for the (Logos NOW) access to this new interactive. Looks pretty useful, with one caveat (see 2.)

2. Why in the world can't any of Logos' pronunciation schemes reflect many of the most common Greek Grammars such as...

Mounce's Basics of Biblical Greek

Black's Learn to Read New Testament Greek

Nunn's Elements of New Testament Greek

Summers/Sawyer's Essentials of New Testament Greek

Porter's Fundamentals of New Testament Greek

Harvey's Greek is Good Grief

Morris' Hellenika

Swetnam's Introduction to the Study of New Testament Greek

Long's Kairos

Parker's Learning New Testament Greek Now and Then

Dyer's Preparatory Grammar for New Testament Greek

Clayton's Primer of Biblical Greek

Vine's You Can Learn New Testament Greek!

and the list goes on...

The point is that all the above grammars state that omicron is pronounced with a short o as in not, pot, etc. I realize that there are other opposing views, though at least in my library (I have 50 Greek Grammars) the abundance of New Testament grammars all reflect this pronunciation. I just don't understand why we can't have an audio choice reflecting all these major grammars. Whether it's the alphabet tutor, the pronunciation tool, or the Listen and Learn:Greek interactive, they all have options, but none have the option which represents these grammars. Can we please have this added?

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