Thursday, August 10, 2017

Links I like (8/10)

Links I like

Seeing and Preaching the Gospel of Jesus in Jonah

Ian Conrey:

Several years ago I heard a sermon series through Jonah and the main point was a typical, principle-seeking approach, and its main focus was why we should not be like Jonah. The argument was that Jonah’s life would have been better if he had just obeyed. If Jonah only listened, the sailors would not have been put in danger, and he would not have been swallowed up by a fish, and so on. This is a common way the Old Testament is preached and interpreted today, but let’s pause here and not make the mistake to isolate this story from God’s overall redemptive work, which Christ graciously tells us to do (Luke 24:44-47, John 5:39).

On Coming Out as Fat

This is an interesting piece from Trevin.

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Teach Your Kids To Be Colorblind

Trillia Newbell:

Although people confidently make the claim, I’d like to suggest that we are not colorblind, we don’t need to be colorblind, and we actually should strive to not be colorblind. Because it leads us in the wrong direction. Instead, I want to encourage us to be colorsmart. Here’s why…

Beholding Jesus in the Beginning

Mary Wiley:

I’ve read this passage dozens of times, but reading it aloud let the words resonate with a distinct freshness. As I read, the words Philippians 2 rang in my heart, “he emptied himself by assuming the form of a servant, taking on the likeness of men…obedient to the point of death…” (Philippians 2:7-8). The dichotomy of Jesus’ God-ness and His humanity astounded me.

The opioid crisis is the pro-life issue evangelicals aren’t talking about

Phillip Bethancourt:

Until evangelicals embrace the opioid epidemic as a pivotal aspect of championing a whole-life pro-life social ethic, the church will continue to overlook the crisis all around it. The Bible calls Christians to embrace a holistic view of life that defends the most vulnerable from conception to resurrection. Ministering in the midst of the opioid crisis is a key area where churches can protect human dignity, by embracing the many ways in which this epidemic is a pro-life issue.

4 Indications a Longing for Approval Is Hampering Your Leadership

Eric Geiger:

The longing for approval can creep into a leader’s heart and cripple the leader’s effectiveness. But how can we recognize a longing for approval in our own leadership? Here are four indications.

The single best reason we should thank God for criticism

A favorite from the archives:

Because we’re all limited by the information available to us—whether that’s due to our experience or our accumulated knowledge to date—we’re all going to gaff sometimes. Whether in large or small ways, we’re going to get things wrong. We’ll back the wrong the wrong horse (figuratively). We’re going to sin against people we don’t intend to.

And when we do, we need to do something about it. But doing something requires one thing: humility.

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