Saturday, August 12, 2017

Indexing error with "Lectionary for Mass" product

I discovered an issue with the indexing of the "Lectionary for Mass" product.

I needed to look up where a particular passage from Ephesians appears in the Lectionary, so I went to "Appendix II: Table of Readings." I scrolled down (used the "Find" function) to where the table of readings from Ephesians is listed. Originally, I needed Eph 1:3-14, which is easily found at 104, the 15th Sunday of OT, Year B. No problem. Then I started clicking around to some of the other readings, and this is where I found problems.

Consider Eph 1:1-10, for instance, which is listed in the index as appearing at "470." Though you are taken to 470, the Thursday of 28 OT, the reading that appears is form Rom 3:21-30. Why? Because the link took me to Year I when it should have taken me to Year II instead.

So, the indexing of the Lectionary doesn't seem to take into account the difference between Years I and II, or at least this is the case for the Table of Readings in Appendix II.

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