Thursday, August 31, 2017

I Get to Tell You About the Trinity

I spoke to them about how the Trinity has existed forever and ever. Our God was eternally happy–even before he created people! Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Father all loved, glorified, and enjoyed one another even before time. Unapologetically overwhelming them, I explained that this is more than I can understand, but where my brain fails my heart makes up the difference. I got to share with them about the Trinity.


I don’t know whose eyes were bigger, theirs or mine. As I knelt next to them, I leaned forward, and their eyes of intrigue locked with my eyes of excitement. “I get to tell you about the Trinity,” I told them. Having been in church since they were born, they have heard the word countless times, so the term was vaguely familiar. However, the teaching that accompanied remained foreign to them.

Over the last several months I’ve returned to that brief encounter like you might go back to a favorite restaurant. I come expecting. And, I am not disappointed. This is largely because of that phrase that’s etched in my memory. And every time I think about it I smile. I looked at my kids and said, “I get to tell you about the Trinity.”

Here’s why I feast upon this memory.

I get to

When I think about who I was before Christ, I want to look away. Like a scene from a horror movie, I shudder to open both eyes in my mind to consider myself. There was a disregard for God’s glory punctuated by a cocky rebellion. Even now as a Christian, I feel more acutely aware of my sin. Before Christ, I was like a bat, blinded from the light and loving darkness. But now, as a Christian, I see light and darkness. I see the ugliness of my sin as a follower of Christ. But God the Father elected me, God the Son he bled for me, and God the Spirit he arrested me. The words I get to are dripping with grace. I get to because the triune God saved me from my ruthless rebellion and even now is molding me to be more like the last Adam and less like the first.

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