Thursday, August 31, 2017

" I am He who Is, and who Will Be" Palestinian Targum in Aramaic

I am looking for the Palestinian Targum in Aramaic for Exodus 3:14-15. I have multiple Targum sources including hard copies of books (including The Bible in Aramaic by Sperber) as well as electronic versions (including both the Logos and the Accordance Targumim collections), Does Logos have this source? I am not able to find it. Or if any of you can point me to any reference that has this in Aramaic, I would be most grateful. 

John Wesley Etheridge, referring to the various Targumim (𝔗), explains the translation in the Aramaic paraphrase: “Onkelos leaves the Hebrew untranslated; but the Palestinian Targum attempts a paraphrase: ‘He who spake, and the world was; who spake, and all things were. And He said, This shalt thou say to the sons of Israel, I am He who Is, and who Will Be, hath sent me unto you.’ The Jerusalem Targum has, ‘And the Word of the Lord said to Moshe, He who spake to the world, Be, and it was; and who will speak to it, Be, and it will be. And He said, Thus shalt thou speak to the sons of Israel ..." 

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