Saturday, August 12, 2017

How to make more space between columns with Text Comparison 2nd Try


Something happened and my first post became corrupt...every time I try and add the .rtf cause some kind of error

I use the text comparison tool with 6 translations to print out copies

I want to have the copy to be on one page back and front      So I export into Word, select all and change font and size to print one page front and back..but some of the words from one column are right next to the next column making it harder to read...I am a basic Word user and have I tried what I can to fix this problem without success

I would like to use Logos to adjust the font and  spacing between columns so that I could print directly from Logos and not have to use Word..

I tried attaching the document but it caused some kind of error...So I would post this first and then try to add the document

Thanks for your help


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