Tuesday, August 22, 2017

How to find a quotation?

I am reading this in Logos:

Alexander is even closer to the present point when he notes that the Christian church is “not just the successor to the temple but the embodiment of that dwelling not made with hands which existed eternally in heaven”; a “temple ‘not made with hands’ was language for the Christian church.”

It comes from this article:

Jason B. Hood, “The Temple and the Thorn: 2 Corinthians 12 and Paul’s Heavenly Ecclesiology,” Bulletin for Biblical Research 21, no. 1–4 (2011): 363.

As you can see below, I bought this resource and am open to page 67 since Logos has not hyperlinked the footnote yet. I read and did not find it. So I did a search on several of the words in the quotation and still came up empty. What gives?

How do I find this quote? 

I even searched everywhere in my library as I have bought a number of the resources in this article (they are several not available in Logos).

It only appears in this article and does not show up in a Logos.com search for any book.

I googled it and it shows up only in the article I am reading, so I am back where I started.

Google scholar came up empty as well.

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