Wednesday, August 30, 2017

How to add Datatype links to Note text?

Hi! I've tried to figure this out and didn't found any answers from help files, wiki or forum.

How to add Datatype links to Note text itself? I know how to add a link to a particular place in a particular resource, how to add Attachment points (add a new note or edit an existing note attachment points) and how to add Bible datatype links, but this is different. I want to add a datatype link (other than Bible) to the note text itself.

Here's an example:

This is a link to a particular place (Ap, 8, 1) in a particular resource (Book of Concord, Kolb&Wengert edition):

But how to make a link to the BookOfConcord datatype only, without referring to a particular edition? (To make it open in my current preferred edition, that I may change time by time)

For example removing "logosres:klbcncrd;" doesn't help.

Is this even possible, or should I use the PBB? I'd prefer Notes for my study.

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