Tuesday, August 22, 2017

How do I use the Tyndale Commentaries-49 volumes in a search?

I just bought the Tyndale Commentaries and when I do a Phrase search on a verse, the title of the Tyndale Commentary does not show up in the search list. All of my other commentaries are listed in the search list.

I do have a "Concise Tyndale Commentary" and that shows on the list of search. I placed the "Concise Tyndale" in the "Hidden" list to prevent confusion in searching, but when doing the search, the "Concise Tyndale" Keeps coming-up in the search list and not any of the books from the 49 volume Tyndale Commentaries?

It seems the only way for me to utilize any of the books from the 49 volume is to go to the library and click on the book that I need.

I currently have the "Silver Package." Books-1275. I have 144GB of space left.

Thanks for your time.


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