Monday, August 21, 2017

Give each forum a point person from that department to directly deal with (and/or fix) issues?

Let me start by saying that I am grateful for every fix that gets done, while FL also rolls out new features, tools, courses, resources, etc. Thanks all around for everyone's hard work!

Certain forums have FL employees directly involved in handling issues regarding that forum. For example,

  • Philana does a great job in the beta forum, opening cases, reporting when bugs are fixed, etc!
  • Jeromy has started handling the web app forum, collecting information and feedback, and resolving issues there.

However, other forums seem to be handled by a point person like Brandyn, who does a great job in forwarding information to other departments, but isn't directly working in that forum's specific department. We then have to wait until the right person sees the report, and eventually gets around to fixing the problem.

When we have to wait weeks or months for something trivial to eventually get fixed, it seems like the process (backlog) could be improved by closing those cases quicker.

While I understand that it might not be the best use of someone's time to monitor their department's forum, some issues are so trivial, they could immediately be addressed (in minutes), if the right department had someone directly involved with the report. 

On that note, QA (or a second person in the same department) needs to verify these trivial fixes, as some of them are inadvertently "typo'd," and require a second trivial fix to fix the first trivial fix, wasting more time all around.

Is there anything we can do to get more issues (besides L7 bugs and web app bugs) handled more promptly or efficiently? While I appreciate that each department has many goals they want to accomplish, it probably shouldn't be necessary to bump reports, and employees shouldn't have to see the same report bumped multiple times, just to eventually get something addressed.

Thank you for any consideration, and thanks again for the fixes!

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