Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Gerberding: New Testament Conversions

I was introduced to George Henry Gerberding by running into his "Way of Salvation in the Lutheran Church" - now available in Logos at http://ift.tt/2x2AaDw . After being largely impressed with what is in that collection, I looked to see if there was more, and there is.

From what I understand, Pastor Gerberding was a Lutheran pastor in Fargo, Dakota territory, and ran into lots of people connected with American revivalism who said we Lutherans never talked about conversion. And so he talked about it as a Lutheran, and published it. One book was this collection of Sermons on New Testament Conversions. Another was the more theological work on The Way of Salvation. For this reader, the collection Logos publishes with his Way of Salvation as well as Pastoral Theology writings from when he became a seminary prof. are more important than this collection of sermons - these sermons seem much more dated to me... I strongly recommend the Logos collection linked above instead of this work, which at best, is a supplement to those more important writings.

About the PB - Where Pastor Gerberding gave an actual scripture citation, I have made sure it works. I have not looked up any allusions to scripture or Lutheran catechisms - even when I recognized them. Many sermons conclude with some poems that look like they are hymns - none of which were familiar to me.

In addition, they are Sermons. I recognize that the PB builder can tag sermons in ways so that they would show up in various reports. I don't use this feature, and have not bothered to tag them accordingly. I would ask that if someone were to do this, to share their work back with us.

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