Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Failure of Logos 7 to print searches from Print/Export window

Until recently I have been able to print the results of a search directly from the Print/Export window.  However, something has apparently changed.  In the past, I would perform a search, for example, the use of the word "faith" in the New Testament of the NASB95.  The search would then pull up its results with each verse reference and its context.  I then would click on the drop down menu in the upper left hand corner of the window and click on "Print/Export" which then took me to the "Print/Export" window, showing the results of my search.  I would then check the printer I wanted to use and make sure that it was ready.  At this point I clicked the icon showing the printer and my search results would then print.  At present, everything works as stated above but the final step.  When I click on the printer icon, nothing happens.  

What is strange in all of this is that I am able to perform a text comparison and print it going through the same procedure as described above without any difficulty.  The same is true of a portion of a commentary which I want to print onto a hard copy.  I do not understand why I am still able to print my text comparisons and excerpts from books, but not search results.  I have an office computer and a home computer.  Both computers are connected to two printers, two at my office and two different printers at home.  It doesn't matter which computer I use, nor to which printer I send the search results, it still fails to print.

I have contacted tech support and was initially told that it was a problem with my printer drivers, but I pointed out that this doesn't make sense across four printers.  Then I was told that I have a software problem and needed to check to make sure that my operating software was updated.  I checked that but the problem still wasn't resolved.  Again, however, I could understand this to be true if the problem was happening on one computer but not another.  I was asked to try sending my search results to XPS Document Writer and then attempt to print from there.  I did this and was able to print from it.  Tech support then said that if I was able to print from the XPS Document Writer then Logos was sending the results and the problem was not with Logos.  However, again I question this reasoning.  XPS Document Writer is a secondary program.  All I am doing is sending the search results there and then having it do the work of sending it to the printer for me.  This doesn't seem to resolve the problem that Logos fails to send the search results directly to the printer which then prints them.  It also doesn't resolve the issue of why I am able to print "text comparisons" and "excerpts from commentaries" but not search results directly from Logos.  Tech support suggested that I uninstall Logos and then reload it, but that did not work.  Most recently I have been told that this is a problem outside of Logos and that they can not help me.   

Does anyone have some possible suggestions.  I miss being able to print my search results without going through two or three extra steps.  By the way, I am running Windows 10 on both my computers.

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