Thursday, August 10, 2017

Dataset availability ....a $7.99 dataset actually costs me $79.13 (least expensive possible)

I would like to get the Figures of Speech dataset for my Logos 7 (as I already own the Figures of Speech book by Bullinger) and do NOT need any further additions of any kind to my Logos 7 library or functionality at this time.

The dataset is said to cost $7.99

However, the least expensive option I am given to purchase this dataset is actually $79.13 (that is, $70+ more than the advertised price)

This approach of "sales politics" is - to say the least - misleading and very disappointing to see.  Are there other options (perhaps unknown to the innocent customer public) to not be forced paying a $70+ "surcharge" in order to purchase the advertised $7.99 product?  

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