Monday, August 21, 2017

BUG: A number of bugs to report

I was using the Web App at work - on IE 11, Windows 7. For the most part it worked pretty good. Here are a few glitches/bugs.

  1. Cant search bibles. It just keeps searching even if specify a bible.
    1. can search commentaries
    2. can search all other resources.
  2. Bible links (superscript letter in text) show reference, but when hover over reference doesnt display bible text.
    1. However, references in any other resource (commentary, etc) work. Opens in new window correctly.
  3. Cannot copy with references.
  4. Info panel doesnt load.

I will try to get you more, I have to write this on a notepad then bring it home and send - the report a bug in the app doesn't work.

Also, I know that this could be because of security protocols and such, but since it doesnt behave from resource to resources I assumed and decided to report anyway.

Thanks for good work!

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