Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Bug: Morph Search--verses/aligned/analysis options vanish

I was doing a morphological search for a friend without Logos. I have version Searching for imperatives in Revelation.  The search was @V??M.  The list of verses appeared with the options for "verses/aligned/analysis" in upper right.  As below:

I don't do these searches much right now.  I decided to see what would happen if I selected "aligned" or analysis.  The result?  Nothing.  Not only that, but the options (verses/aligned/analysis) vanish.  Below:

I could not get back to "verses" without much trouble.  The back arrow did not work.  I noticed then, that when I tried to rerun the search, the verses/aligned/analysis choices would flash for a millisecond then vanish again.  I placed my cursor on the spot of verses and kept hitting <enter> to make them flash and would click the cursor during the flash until I was able to select "verses" and go back to the original results.  Am I missing something obvious?  This behavior does not seem right.

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