Thursday, August 10, 2017

As I was reading today – Proverbs 13:22

On the surface, the wisdom here is plain – we are to think of the generations which follow us. And it is right we take this in the first place in terms of leaving a material inheritance of some sort. It need not be much. Simply a token that we had not been a selfish squanderer. Thinking beyond ourselves.

But there are other things which may be left to our children’s children of even greater value. A good name. A reputation of being a wise, godly, loving person. Their experience of us as having been those who set the Cross ever before us and lived as seeking the city whose builder and maker is God. The capturing of our testimony of having come to Christ as a light to them. The fruit of our Bible study and reading. The benefit of laying down the lessons we have learned in life – especially in our walk with Christ. Of their having experienced the love, mercy and acceptance of Christ through us – at our hands and in our conduct toward them and others.

These and more are fabulous things to bequeath those who come behind us. They cost no money at all. And endure to all eternity.

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