Thursday, August 31, 2017

Accordance for Windows vs Logos 7


I let my Logos Now membership lapse and my student discount will be running out shortly.

I am not a Greek or Hebrew Scholar.  I am a graduate of Luther Rice Seminary this past May with my Mdiv and hopeful of finding full time employment as an associate pastor in the future.  I am 55 and living in Rhode Island and eager to move down south or really anywhere within the US where God will call my wife of 7 years and I.

All that being said (and yes please pray as I am currently unemployed and living on a 401K withdrawal) I am wondering about a couple of things.

Is buying the extended feature set in Logos worth it or would you just buy say a Bronze Baptist library set.
Having lost Logos now and only having a basic 7.0 engine I wonder about making a switch to ACCORDANCE FOR WINDOWS where the books seem so much cheaper.

Anyone point us all to a good comparison on Accordance vs Logos or share your experience or recommendations please.

Do you recommend using only Accordance going forward (imagine me dodging tomatoes sure to be figuratively flung at me in here now).

Blessings and thanks (and God bless TX with flood abatement and relief - amen),

Joshua in Rhode Island

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