Thursday, August 31, 2017

A La Carte (August 31)

Today’s Kindle deals include a nice little list of titles that may be of some interest.

Where Are We Supposed To Go?

This is a very powerful collection of photos and videos showing the devastation in Houston.

Yes, Leading Others to Sin Brings Greater Punishment

Thomas Schreiner addresses a serious issue. “Is there a greater punishment for someone who encourages and leads others to sin? Answering a question like this is tricky since it depends on what we mean by “worse.” Worse in what way? If we commit sin and don’t repent, we will suffer the second death, the lake of fire. If we cause others to sin and we don’t repent, we will suffer the second death, the lake of fire.”

Why Is Paying for Yourself Called “Going Dutch?” (Video)

I was hoping I’d be able to tease my Dutch friends with this video, but it turns out they are blameless here.

200-Word Biographies

From the Cripplegate blog: “On Thursdays over the next two months we will run short biographies of eight key reformers. If you would like to reprint these in your church bulletin to help people in your congregation become familiar with these individuals as a lead in for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, go for it–no need to attribute it back to us; if you find them useful, then by all means use them. Today: John Wycliffe.”

More about The Nashville Statement

Yesterday I linked to The Nashville Statement. Here’s an update from Denny Burk as he responds to some of the controversy that has ensued. (Also, Al Mohler dedicated almost an entire episode of The Briefing to it.)

Should You Call a Transgender Person “Him” or “Her”?

“Christians disagree—hopefully charitably—about pronoun usage, but here is some helpful advice from Andrew Walker, author of God and The Transgender Debate.”

After Eden

I know nothing about this show, but was interested in reading this assessment of it.

Flashback: War, Women, and Wealth

Food, money, sex, ministry, authority—all of these can be used for such good, yet we consistently find they are attended by such difficulties. That is life in this sinful world, a world in which we turn blessings into curses, gifts into temptations.

A billion years or so into eternity, how many toys we accumulated during this life will not seem too terribly important. —D.A. Carson

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