Wednesday, August 30, 2017

A La Carte (August 30)

You will find a few minor Kindle deals in today’s list. And, of course, I continue to search for more.

Once a year Westminster Books has a great sale on the counseling minibooks from New Growth Press. This is the time to stock up!

The Spiritual Discipline of Face Time

That old-fashioned face time (not to be confused with FaceTime) still matters.

The Nashville Statement 

CBMW has released The Nashville Statement which has been endorsed by a long list of noteworthy Christian leaders.

An Article about MLMs

I am not opposed to all MLMs, but I do hope people really do their homework and have realistic expectations before signing up. This article from Quartz sounds a cautionary note.

Standing Firm on the Slippery Slope

Richard Phillips has an article about slippery slopes. “The slippery slope simply notes that those who remove the restraint against worldly conformity place themselves in peril of further and more damaging accommodations.”

Is Reading the Bible Morally Equivalent to Watching Game of Thrones?

“To demonstrate that reading the Bible is morally equivalent to watching Game of Thrones, you would need to show that there are morally significant parallels between the two. The person who raised the challenge seemed to think he had done that by pointing to similar content in both (e.g. violence, murder, rape, incest, sex, etc.).”

Tabletalk Magazine

Ligonier Ministries has created a dedicated site for Tabletalk magazine. There’s lots to read there!

God’s Subtle Work in Your Bible Reading

Yes, this is such a neat thing. “I may not remember the circumstances in my life when I underlined the verse or wrote an observation next to it, but my heart sings with a sanctified reflex.”

Flashback: Why You Should Not Wear a Crucifix

In the past few years I have begun to see more and more Protestants wearing crucifixes, exchanging their empty cross for one that contains an image of the suffering Savior. J.I. Packer addresses the issue.

Ah, dear friends, God has only to give you what you want, to make you feel the emptiness of it! —C.H. Spurgeon

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