Friday, August 25, 2017

A couple of questions about shared prayer lists

I'm looking at setting up a Faithlife group for our church and exploring using it to share prayer requests.

I've created a Prayer List document, shared it to the group - Tamworth Baptist Church (UK) - and it appears there as expected. I've also set up a couple of test prayer items that appear on my Logos desktop (they also appear in my mobile apps)

But they don't appear on the Faithlife page for the group. Should they? (And I have seen earlier discussions where this didn't seem to be implemented but wanting to know whether this is there and I'm not seeing it or planned)

The other thing I am thinking about is the way these documents are shared - as it is done by the Collaborate function it looks as though anyone who is part of the group will be able to add new items to the prayer list which will then be shared to anyone who is part of the group. While there are scenarios - which I am thinking about - where this would be helpful I also want the ability to just "publish" and so constrain who can actually add items to this particular list. As far as I can see this isn't possible. Am I missing something?

Thanks, Graham 

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