Thursday, July 13, 2017

When Logos has a new major version release, are all the Base packages redone?

I am sure this has been asked before, but I actually just noticed it and am scratching my head wondering about it. 

 So I first purchased the Portfolio Edition several years back when it was Logos 6.   I have added a lot to it over the years, and am a Logos now subscriber.

 I just went into the Products page and when I click on Portfolio Logos 7 Edition, it says It will cost me 2K+ to get it (My Dynamic Pricing).  

 So my question is… When Logos has a new major version release, are all the Base packages redone?    I don’t really understand what I am seeing.   Or I guess what I am saying is I was a bit in shock to see a 2K+ difference in price between what I purchased in Logos 6 Portfolio and what is now available in Logos 7 Portfolio.   So Logos 7 Portfolio Edition includes 2K more resources then Logos 7 Portfolio Edition did?   Did the overall (Not Dynamic) pricing go up by 2K on the Logos 7 Portfolio Edition?

 I am not a fanatic about keeping my Logos version saying I have the Portfolio Edition as one thread in the past was discussing.   I am just wondering why such a large 2k increase and what it means exactly. Seems like it should be much cheaper then 2K to upgrade from Logos 6 Portfolio Edition to the Logos 7 Portfolio Edition.  I could understand it if I was going from say Logos 3 to Logos 7.

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