Monday, July 31, 2017

Very slow and unresponsive auto-populate dropdowns

Running Logos 7.9 Beta 1 ( on Windows 10, with "ngen" enabled.

Slowness with the auto-populate dropdown on the Bible Word Study guide: When I opened it from the menu, and I type in "g:pistis" but each letter took several seconds to appear. Eventually it ran the search and the results came back very fast. Even though the response time here is slow, it is already an improvement over before I restarted Logos after I ran ngen. Then each letter took maybe 20 seconds to pop up and was utterly unusable. 

If I type in "esv" or "niv" in the Command Box, the auto-populate spins for 10 seconds before populating.

[Unable to attach log files from C:\Users\PL\AppData\Local\Temp\LogosProfile_20170731_213053. Got error message below. Zip file is 18MB... is that too large?]

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