Sunday, July 16, 2017

Unique occurrence in John 5:2 Bethesda vs Bethzatha

I've not noticed anything like this before (if you have, I'd love to hear where you found it!).

In John 5:2 there are several textual variants for the name of the pool near the sheep gate. It's most commonly known in English Bibles as Bethesda  (Βηθεσδά), though many important Greek texts have Bethzatha (Βηθζαθά). (There are other variants, but that's not what's interesting here.)

What Logos did here, in the reverse interlinear for the NIV and the ESV (but not the NLT! - I've not checked beyond these), is include Βηθεσδά as the MSS (manuscript) form of the word, but Βηθζαθά as the Lemma (root)! 

I've not seen that before, and it's a unique use of those two categories in the RI pane (the one is definitely not the root of the MSS form!). I've not known Logos to use the RI pane to distinguish textual variants before. Are there other instances of this?

BTW, the SBLGNT and NA28 differ on which variant they prefer - which may explain part of this. I'd be interested in an explanation, if anyone has one (and on why the NLT doesn't follow the same pattern).

Please note: this is not a complaint! Rather I'd like to see more use of this strategy.

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