Friday, July 14, 2017

Unambiguous syntax search

Trying to understand Syntax Search.

I am trying to do a syntax search in AFAT that gives me: 

  • all instances of the imperative of the Hebrew verb נתן ('give') with a direct object and an indirect object in random order
  • the indirect object should be limited to a noun (so no pronoun)

I am having trouble with limiting my search to a simple, single clause. For example, the search query below gives 576 hits, including e.g. Gen. 14:21, where '(to) Abram' is marked as the indirect object (noun), but this is NOT the indirect object of the 'give'-clause.
In this example, Gen. 14:21 the 'give'-clause says 'give ME the persons', which has a pronoun and not a noun, so I want to filter that one out as I was only looking for instances where the Indirect Object is a noun.

I would suspect this search query to return all Clause IC's to be within a single clause. That's why I didn't select 'Matching skips level' between Clause-1 and Unordered.

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