Monday, July 31, 2017

Trend of choose and buy of real wood floor

Solid wood floor is decorated for the family advocate dozen decoratof material, having the grain with natural lumber, wintry warm summer is cool, the character of
gentle nature, like by the masses. Below small make up the current of choose and buy that carries everybody to understand next real wood floors, look together.
1, floor of light color wood surmounts predominate of floor of brunet fact wood
No matter be contemporary and contracted, still be rustic nature, in nowadays home outfit, the tie-in possibility of floor of light color real wood is more rich already and optional. Light color give pers kind of bright, warmth, gentle sense, it represented to was apart from connect fully open-minded, break the depressing atmosphere of household easily, harmonious beauty. Floor of light color real wood is considered a kind of more healthy color, the lumber grain clarity of floor of light color real wood is visible, the quality good difference of floor of light color real wood is very so difficult adulterate.
The further development that to living as the masses culture understands, light color general more the primitive ideal that reflects an urbanite to go after nature of life character, regression. Be in Europe, the floor of light color real wood that delegate with oak always is as close as fashionable relation.
2, the brand impression that pays attention to real wood floor more
In the near future, those are modelled in the brand on the real wood floor board that makes full time will incur popular feeling greatly. In industry of real wood floor coessential spend serious period, consumer feels the heart that pays attention brand to bring his more. This kind is experienced is not the enterprise exceeds large-scale, also not be brand freeboard famous degree, however kind rich, truly literate the brand of connotation and product, of force a kind of richer impel psychological experience.
So, an outstanding brand contain lot of complex outstanding elements certainly, but when its make moving heart certain very simple and dinkum, of this kind of join forces that is born at sale conduct propaganda and public praise effect, more the culture of popularity of real wood floor that the brand impression that human nature changes will create belowground undoubtedly.
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