Monday, July 17, 2017

Start to Home Page display on a fast laptop - 75 seconds!

I am now on the fastest MacBook Pro Apple sells, a 2017 version with upgraded CPU and upgraded PCIe 2 TB SSD, 16 GB of 2133MHz RAM. Verbum 7.8 RC 1 is very slow to start up, it takes 75+ seconds from the first frame appearing to the home page coming up. Nothing can be done until this completes.

I have deleted all my visual filters, I can't use the feature anymore it makes the system too slow. I deleted a number of my Collections that had large populations. I deleted tags that also were used on a large number of resources. I don't use many Layouts any more due to performance problems, just some basic ones - I am happy to delete any/all of those if that will get this to run acceptably. I have 25,000+ resources, that and the associated overhead of all the features for a library this size have been a continuing problem, I made a mistake buying so many resources over the years. Given my situation, I am happy to delete some other stuff to make this run well, if that will help.

I have attached the log file - is it possible someone sees something obvious I can delete that this can start up in a reasonable time on a very fast Mac laptop? I have looked through the log, I surely may have missed something but it seems like it just does too much and all the little pieces make it take a very long time. I hope something can be done.

Again, this is VERBUM - MAC.

Thanks if anyone has any ideas, I would be greatly appreciative of any assistance!

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