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Motivational Monday: Work Hard Even When Motivated

Motivational Monday: Work Hard Even When Motivated

When you are feeling down, depressed, rejected, or exhausted, it’s hard to find motivation. That’s the whole point of this series is I want to help someone kick it back into drive and move forward. But I realized I need to establish early on that most of the hard work to get motivated actually needs to happen when you are already running at full steam.

Let me explain.

Much of our lives we are on cruise control. Things are not terrible but we also not on the mountain top either. We learn how to just be, but that leads to being in a rut. In fact, many times that coasting is actually us decelerating.

Think about all the things you have been passionate about. For me?

  1. Tennis, haven’t played in 9 months.
  2. Legos, all boxed up for years.
  3. Drawing, haven’t done that since high school.
  4. Programming of any kind, last code I wrote was December 2015.
  5. Writing poetry for my wife, well… preemgagement at best.
  6. Learning, I read audiobooks, but haven’t been to school in a while and don’t want to go back anytime soon.
  7. LAN parties, yeah, nope.

Here’s a little-accelerated math for you with physics.

Let’s say X is a point in space. Google Maps says it’s you sitting in your driveway and you are needing directions to work. Velocity or speed is the distance of travel covered over a specific period of time. In America, we say typically miles per hour. Acceleration is the difference of velocity over time.

So cruise control at 50mph is actually zero acceleration, slowing down and speeding up is negative and positive acceleration accordingly. (If that didn’t make sense, watch this YouTube video as they say it so much better)

For me, when I coast at my motivation, just doing the regular hustle, grind, paperwork, or expectations, I’m maybe keeping my velocity but more than likely find myself with deacceleration. Over a long period of time, I’m in a rut, going much slower and truly lacking motivation.

Church Tech Is Prime For This
We live in a culture that is all about the new and shiny. We want to have the latest and greatest so we research, we evaluate what we have, we long for it when we see others have it too. And then we stop being motivated in our projects. We get in ruts.

Whether it’s the techie who needs to keep at serving Sunday morning, the creative who is losing inspiration with Photoshop, regularly the blogger who has writer’s block, we all need motivation and we need to start before we are stuck.

The Solution

Continue To Inspire Yourself
…even when it’s not needed. This is why I subscribe to so many church tech podcasts. It’s why I engage in forums and ask what may be basic questions. And it’s why I want to hear the story of others with their journey within the Church. Without it, I’d be exhausted and out of ideas quickly.

Regularly Reevaluate
Change regularly, even if it is small changes. Even better, be ruthless with your goals and if you do not meet expectation redefine the problem and solution or completely cut it. This is why I ended my previous blog. I resigned the goal to have my articles get maximum impact with ChurchMag.

Memorialize Why You Started In The First Place
Scripture talks I’m the Old Testament regularly about creating ebenezars as monuments for what God has done for His people. So every time they went by, they were reminded of God’s promise and provision.

For blogging, my ebenezar is an email someone sent me that I have saved and I regularly look at it. They tell me how they almost left the church, read my article, went to their pastor with it and ask for a 6-month break. Now they are a full-time paid staff. So good.

My Ebenezer for Let’s Play videos is my son. I want him exposed to positive gameplay, which is why I do the Minecraft Theology and my Livestreams. I want him to be a nerd but the content is terrible with cursing and killing. So I’m making it specifically for him and hope others enjoy as well.

For my writing with ChurchMag, I remember who I was before I started writing and as an audience member and reader, I had a sense of community. I belonged somewhere because they spoke my language. I want to do that for someone else. That feeling of seeing Eric Dye post a NERDY post about Mario or hacking filled my soul because of a digital community. I want to give back.

In the end, you need to work for what your motivation is. The best kind is intrinsic motivations to include wanting to be a great writer, support, or Christian. But extrinsic motivators are great too when you do not feel so good internally because of depression, stress, or lack of sleep. So have the desire to do great things for your family, boss, and pastor. But what you cannot do is not have a motivator or you will be stuck as soon as things get hard.

What motivates you when you are too stressed and is it different than the motivations when things are going well?

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