Saturday, July 15, 2017

MacARTHUR COMMENTARIES - Lots of Typos and Words missing

As I went through JOHN MacARTHUR'S 2-Volume Commentaries on the Book of REVELATION, and comparing them with the HARDBACK COPIES that I own; I encountered so many typos, I cannot even remember the amount of them; and also words missing as well. 

When it came to his 2-Volume Commentaries on the Book of ACTS, it was even worse. Most of the Scripture text is not in lower case letters, and also, not BOLDED OUT, as it should be in the HARDBACK COPIES. This, is particularly in Volume 2 - which is Chapters 13-28. There are also Typos here as well.

The SUBTITLES on the commentary in ACTS, CHAPTER 16 are all missing.

I reported everything with the REPORT TYPO FEATURE. I have the MNTC -33 Volumes  in HARDBACK COPIES, and I will continue to report the Typos as I find them.

In the meantime, can anything be done about this, or do we have to wait for the Publisher to correct these mistakes?

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