Thursday, July 13, 2017

Logos Summer Training: How to Get Deep Insight on Biblical Characters

Each week this summer the Logos Pros will teach you how to master the tools and resources of Logos Bible Software. You’ll get some pointers and some study questions. This week: biblical character studies.

Christians believe that the Bible is the only piece of literature written under the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit. The stories and characters recorded in the Bible were chosen by God, and the Bible does not contain useless details. Everything written in the Bible deserves our attention, even minor characters in the biblical story.

Like Ahithophel. The video below will take you through a brief yet informative study of this biblical character. Using the tools and texts in Logos, we will discover how his story and relationship to other characters impacts the larger David narrative.

Study Question

What evidence is there is to support or refute that the Eliam mentioned in 2 Sam 11:3 and the one mentioned in 2 Sam 23:34 are the same individual?

Recommended Resources

  • The best way to save money on Logos is to buy a base package. The Pro Team recommends Gold for this kind of work. The Full Feature Set includes the Biblical People dataset used in this video
  • The New International Encyclopedia of Bible Characters is is an exhaustive, ready reference of every person named in the Bible. Discover the parts men and women, from the obscure to the famous to the infamous, have played in the unfolding story of Scripture.
  • All the People in the Bible similarly covers every character in Scripture, plus the Apocrypha, from Aaron to Zophar.

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