Monday, July 31, 2017

Is Hell for Real?

Written by: Erik Raymond

is hell for realQuestions about hell continue to be among the most common questions I receive as a pastor. Many involve the existence, nature, and duration of hell. People also want to know the reason for hell. Is it really necessary? 

These are important questions. The Bible doesn’t dodge them. In fact, it answers them with compassionate clarity.

I wrote a little book that I think will be a useful tool for people asking these types of questions. Is Hell for real? is the latest addition to the Questions Christians Ask series from The Good Book Company.

Everything I write I try to write first for the local church where I pastor. This book comes from real questions from members of our church and people that I have been talking to about Christianity. My hope is this accessible book will serve those who are asking these types of questions and looking for what the Bible says. In addition to this, I’m excited about this book because I was able to set forth how the gospel shines so brightly, revealing the glory of Christ in the salvation of his people. The study of hell, while admittedly weighty, does drive you to see the powerful grace of God in the gospel.

Is Hell for real? is available today.

A video trailer is included below.


Is Hell for Real? is a post from: Erik Raymond

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