Monday, July 31, 2017

Here’s a resource many have asked for: listing of trustees

SBC This Week is a great site. It is described as “a weekly news roundup from around the Southern Baptist Convention” and has “guest interviews from today’s top church leaders.” The podcast is hosted by Amy Whitfield, Director of Communications for SEBTS, and Jonathan Howe, Director of Strategic Initiatives for LifeWay which, I suppose, makes it at least a semi-official SBC site.

On their home page, lower right panel is a place where you can view current SBC entity trustees, all of ’em. This is available elsewhere but not so conveniently. An address for each trustee is given. Sometimes it is a church address, sometimes a business, sometimes home.

You will find ol’ Chris Barber of Farmersville, TX as a SWBTS trustee (listed as “Christopher B. (Bart) Barber”) along with his church address. Other folks found here may be trustees as well.

Oddly, Georgia has two Executive Committee members who pastor in the same south Georgia city. I thought with a few million SBCers in our state you wouldn’t have to locate two in the same mid-sized city.

Hmmm, Jason Allen of Missouri is a trustee of SEBTS. Oh, not that Jason Allen.

Well…those interested can take time to look ’em up. They are our folks. We elected them.

The listings are copied from the 2016 SBC Annual. Presumably, when the 2017 Annual is published the lists will be updated. Guess I just didn’t notice this resource before. It’s a lot easier than downloading the annual and looking up trustees. The various entity websites sometimes make it difficult to get this information.

Over the years, usually when some entity is in hot water, folks start asking how to contact trustees. Here you go.

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