Monday, July 17, 2017

Family Worship Support

Hello All,

This is probably way out there, but I wanted to submit an idea...  I have 4 young children, and currently have no way to effectively catechize them and perform structured family worship while I work the odd hours and travel that I do.  This is where Logos could help.

App/software ideas

1. Build a way for me to nest profiles under my profile

2. Build a way for me to track performance of my children in scripture memorization and catechism, perhaps an electronic star chart

      2a.This is the real reason I want to use it - 2/4 of my children know that God made them for his glory...1/4 know that nothing can be hid from him...I'd like an electronic way to track this and communicate with my wife about it.

3. Over-time allow the profiles to morph into faithlife accounts, where my children can buy books, and I can a degree...their reading and study

4. Allow the profile to break away as it's own account no longer under my authority

Now - imagine if this structure were used in small group bible studies, or in churches... the average sunday school attendee could sign up for a free account from their smart-phone right there in the class - and start buying materials right away - get into the marketing database, etc.  then enlist their family etc. etc.

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