Thursday, July 13, 2017

Entrusted Online Bible Study | Session 5

Session 5! Thank you for joining us again this week to study 2 Timothy. We hope the words, “But you…” encourage and challenge you after the last week of study. We can’t wait to see how you live out the way God has shaped you to serve.

If you have any questions about how this study works, we’ve answered most of them here.

Catching up? That’s okay! We’ll leave the videos up until August 15, 2017.

Click here for Session 1.

Click here for Session 2.

Click here for Session 3.

Click here for Session 4.

Okay, now onto the video! We’ve posted the questions to answer in the comments below.

Questions to answer in your group or in the comments below: 

  1. Read Revelation 21:1-6. Which part of this promised future especially consoles or encourages you right now? Explain why. (page 116)
  2. Being weak and being weak willed are very different things. How would you explain the difference between them? (page 128)
  3. Take a quick evaluation. How has God shaped you to serve? (page 133)
  4. Tell us about one person God used to acquaint you with Scripture and equip you for your calling. (page 143)

Next week is our last week together! Before then, complete Week 5: Fulfill Your Ministry (pages 146-177). We’re praying for your perseverance to finish this week. 

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