Monday, July 17, 2017

Continuing A Legacy of Gospel Truth: The Baptist Catechism Deck

In 1751, four churches in the Charleston, South Carolina area came together to found the Charleston Baptist Association. Sixty-two years later, The Baptist Catechism as Presented by the Charleston Association in 1813 was produced to instruct Christians and their children, leaving a legacy of gospel truth for future generations.

With a radical commitment to the glory of God, the catechism begins by asking a simple question: “Who is the first and chiefest being?” It is followed by a simple, yet profound answer: “God is the first and chiefest being.” That question has proven to be timeless and
borderless. In fact, after 204 years, the catechism is being used by Baptists across the world to baptist catechism deck measurementsprovide churches with a biblical theology that is immensely helpful and easily memorized for both adults and children.

Today, with the release of the Baptist Catechism Deck, that legacy of gospel truth has been cemented for generations to come. The Baptist Catechism Deck features all 114 questions and answers of the 1813 Charleston Baptist Association Catechism on 57 double-sided, 2.5 x 3.5″ cards made of 300 gsm (grams per square meter) professional quality cardstock.

baptist catechism deckThe Baptist Catechism Deck is useful for churches, families, and individuals to memorize the questions, answers, and their theology.

For those who use Keach’s Catechism, each deck comes with two extra cards including Keach’s questions 2, 5, 89, and 106, which are not included in the 1813 Baptist Catechism. Though the question numbers will be different, and some of the wording differs, this deck is also an invaluable resource to those who use Keach’s Catechism.

To learn more about the deck and purchase your own, you can visit The Baptist Catechism Deck Facebook PageThe deck ships from Kansas City to anywhere in the world. For orders outside the United States, contact the Facebook page to receive a special order form.

To read the full text of the catechism, click here.

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