Thursday, July 13, 2017

Bible References

There are a plethora of Bibles in Logos. And depending on the Bible, there are a number of references throughout the Scripture, as a typical Bible has. But is there a way to take all of the references in all of the Bibles for a specific verse or passage, and bring them all into one place, so as to check all of the cross references at once? For example, the Cambridge Bible has about ten verse references on God creating the world. The HCSB has about five, but a couple of those verses are different. If we have 30 Bibles, I would love to take all those verses and pull them into one place. And I don't mean the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge. That is limited too. I just want to broadest, and most complete reference list. 

I tried inserting a couple of images and screenshots, but is asks for a URL, and I am clueless how to do it, and i don't want to upload them to bad websites. If anyone can help here that would be appreciated. Thank you!


Steve J.

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