Friday, July 14, 2017

A La Carte (July 14)

Today’s Kindle deals include a few fairly minor deals. Still, check them out and see if something fits…

Westminster Books is offering a book on the Reformation they hope you’ll buy in bulk and distribute.

Keller, Allberry and Stott

Here are three interesting and appropriate responses to Eugene Peterson’s recent comments on homosexuality and gay marriage. Also, Eugene Peterson kind of retracted his statements. Also, read Jared Wilson who asks, How Many More Petersons Are Out There?

The 4 Crises Every Marriage Must Make It Through

Paul Carter: “Marriage is a marathon, not a sprint. It is a very long journey passing through a great many twists and turns. To make it to the end with love and joy intact you will almost certainly have to pass through each of the following marital crises.”

Every Cut Of Meat Explained (Video)

There is something rather satisfying about watching a butcher at his trade.

Free Trial To Tabletalk Magazine

Tabletalk magazine is read every day by Christians from around the world. If you’ve never read it before, request your free 3-month trial today. Each issue features daily Bible studies, exclusive resource offers, and columns from R.C. Sproul and many other trusted pastors and Bible teachers. Trials are available in the US & Canada only. (This is a sponsored post.)

What Not To Do in a Disaster

Not surprisingly, a lot of people act in ridiculous ways during disasters. Here’s a guide on how not to act.

Advancing Christ’s Kingdom to the End of Life

I’m a huge fan of Vance Christie’s books and blog posts. Here’s a new one: “Throughout her thirty-eight year missionary career in southern Nigeria, West Africa, Mary Slessor (1848-1915) exhibited the spirit of a true pioneer missionary. She was never content to settle down permanently in one location, but was always seeking to advance Christ’s kingdom work into hitherto unreached areas.”

The Long, Storied Controversy Over Cheese on Apple Pie

Aileen and I agree on most things. But this is an area of pretty significant disagreement for us.

Flashback: How To Be Rich

Wealth is good but unreliable. We need a better place in which to set our hope.

Of all the things in the world that stink in the nostrils of men, hypocrisy is the worst. —C.H. Spurgeon

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