Monday, July 31, 2017

5.16.2 Reading Plan Bug


If the current reading is the chapter before the last in a book of the Bible, i.e., Ephesians, and you mark the reading as done, the following anomalies occur in the last reading of each chapter:

  • Two column mode is disabled. Also, swiping forward and backward displays only single columns
  • The end marker is not displayed. Workarounds have to be used to mark the reading as done, i.e., mark it done in the reading plan document or in the Logos desktop app.
  • Not sure if it's related or is a separate issue, but two-finger scroll skips pages at a time rather than lines.

I'm not sure when this issue started, but it's been there for a few releases now.

Relevant settings:
Max columns - Auto
Scroll view - Off

Device info:
Model - Google Pixel C
Android version - 7.1.2



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