Saturday, June 17, 2017

Please don't force an information pane on us!

It's aggravating that the information pane to the right of the Verbum Advanced Search videos is locked and cannot be hidden. As such, it makes the videos much smaller and hard to view if not in full screen mode or single resource pane mode. 

As you can see, if it's the only window I have open, it's fine. But when I try to open notes and a search window, the video is so small it is hard to see. Hiding the information pane, thus allowing the video to take up the entire resource pane, would make the video 2x2'' larger. 

Can the designers of these types of resource keep this in mind going forward, and perhaps add flexibility to hide the pane on demand. 


Single Resource Pane

Multiple Resources...making it difficult to see the video because of the Information Pane. 

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