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LifeWay Women Recommends | Studies on the Psalms

Just think of us as that friend whose recommendations are always spot-on! Through this series, we’ll help you discover new studies, new authors, and new topics. This time we’re looking at six Bible studies that focus on different Psalms. 

The Psalms are so rich and overflowing with life application. We couldn’t possibly cover all the depth in just one study!

Steadfast Love by Lauren Chandler | 7 sessions

Steadfast Love is based on Psalm 107. The entire study explores this one Psalm in marvelous detail. Psalm 107 is a call to worship. It reminds us that each season of life is an opportunity to reveal the anchor of our souls. Walk with Lauren through the Bible study to learn to face each season of life with courage and trust in Jesus, and discover how tests in our journeys of faith reveal the true condition of our hearts. For there is no fear for the one who fears the Lord, the one whose soul is anchored in His steadfast love. Want to memorize Psalm 107? Click here to take the challenge! 

Stepping Up by Beth Moore | 7 sessions

Journey through the Psalms of Ascent with Beth Moore. Explore the pilgrimage theme found in Psalms 120 through 134. As you reflect, pray, and respond to these treasured Psalms, you’ll experience a new level of intimacy with God. This unique study is enriched with songs by Travis Cottrell and other musical guests.




Redeemed by Angela Thomas-Pharr | 7 sessions

This study explores the practical side of redemption, inviting us to lean upon Jesus for our real help and hope. Angela has also included 40 Days of Prayer and Reading through the Psalms to accompany the study content. By the end of Redeemed, you will have read through all the Psalms and prayed for 40 days in a row! You can also sign up for daily emails here to help you through.



Stronger by Angela Thomas-Pharr | 7 sessions

Also by our friend Angela, Stronger is based on Psalm 84. This study reminds us that God is stronger than every single struggle you will ever face. Every. Single. One. You can overcome spiritual immaturity. You can break life-long patterns of defeat and despair. You can remove paralyzing inner anxiousness and truly live in the peace that surpasses all understanding. You can put an end to the self-focused distractions of striving, comparison, and performance. You can smile at the uncertain future because Christ is stronger than all your problems. This study will guide you into biblical truth, so you can live a confident, transformed, Christ-radiating life marked by His strength.

Psalms by Explore the Bible | 6 sessions

Great for mixed groups, this study explores six key psalms. Psalm 1, a wisdom psalm, teaches us to embrace godly wisdom because obeying God’s Word is the path of true life. The familiar Psalm 23, a song of thanksgiving, proclaims that God is always good and trustworthy. Psalm 42, a lament, ultimately lifts us up with the announcement that God’s abiding hope is present even during the most discouraging times. Psalm 51 is penitential, meaning that our sin problem is defined and answered only through realization, confession, and repentance. Security in God’s presence is the topic of the session on Psalm 84, which proclaims God’s royalty. And session six portrays the sovereignty of God the Creator, proclaimed in Psalm 95.

Ready to Launch by J.D. and Veronica Greear | 7 sessions

Apply biblical theology to parenting through this study based on Psalm 127. Christian parents are not seeking mere behavior modification in their children but the growth of truly godly passions. “Training a child up in the way he should go” must be done intentionally, with the mind and heart of God. This study plumbs the wisdom of the Bible about the goals of parenting, the stages of discipline, the role of the church, and strategies to shape the heart toward the gospel.



Have you done any of these studies on the Psalms? Are there any Psalms you’d like to see a Bible study dive in to? Let us know in the comments!

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